Aaron Schaffrina

Head of Data Science Development Program, Chevron

Aaron Schaffrina has been heading Chevron’s Data Science Development Program since 2012. By his own admission, he is much more of a Decision Analyst than a Data Scientist. Most notably, he used Decision Analysis to model and frame what became Chevron’s Microsoft data center sale/cloud agreement as well as multiple cybersecurity, end user, networking and digital projects. On the data science front, Aaron has framed multiple data science opportunities (to determine if the project has enough value to pursue) and has used data science solutions as inputs for a DA model. His approach to framing data science opportunities and using data science inputs for DA models has been used throughout Chevron’s business (upstream, downstream, midstream and corporate).

My Sessions

Bringing out the Decision Analyst in the Data Scientist

Main Ballroom

This panel will tackle the following questions: How does DA change the way DS gets done? What are we getting through DA that makes DS more powerful? Panel Chair: Dr. Brad Powley