Ibrahim Almojel

Director General, Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Dr. Ibrahim Almojel serves as the Director General of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund. In his role, he leads the transformation of SIDF to be the key financial enabler of the Kingdom’s industrialization on the path to Vision 2030.

Previously he headed Investment Management at Saudi Aramco which manages Saudi Aramco’s pension. In his role, Ibrahim oversaw portfolio management, direct investments, and investment services. He also led the spinoff of the investment function into a standalone investment management company.
Ibrahim is the founding president of the Stanford Club of Saudi Arabia and the Chairman of Eastern Oqal, the leading angel network in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. Over the past few years, Ibrahim has authored works on decision-making, negotiations, long-term economic and energy challenges facing the Kingdom, and energy policy.

Ibrahim Almojel served as the head of Global Investment of Saudi Aramco’s Energy Ventures (SAEV), the corporate venture capital arm of Saudi Aramco. Additionally, at Saudi Aramco, Ibrahim led the Policy Analysis Group, part of Corporate Planning’s Kingdom Analysis Department. He was in charge of developing and delivering to Aramco’s Board the flagship Kingdom’s energy and economic long-term outlook highlighting the challenges and opportunities facing the Kingdom.

Ibrahim worked within Saudi Aramco’s Accelerated Transformation Program (ATP) and coordinated the development of a comprehensive domestic energy strategy. As part of the ATP, Ibrahim was selected to serve on Aramco’s inaugural Young Leaders Advisory Board.

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