Jeremy Walker

Consultant, Decision Frameworks

Jeremy Walker has been with Decision Frameworks since 2005. He is an advisor and consultant with a background in business strategy development, petroleum economics, portfolio management systems, and asset acquisition and divestitures.Prior to joining Decision Frameworks, Mr. Walker was the General Manager of IndigoPool, a Schlumberger company that specializes in integrated acquisition and divestiture solutions and targeted transaction support services to companies, as well as a partner at Merak responsible for sales and marketing.

My Sessions

Energy Panel: Safety erosion from lack of DA culture

The way we do risk-analysis in the energy sector leaves much to be desired. Decision Analysis has a huge contribution to the safety conversation by bringing the value of human life front and center with its uncertainty and value mathematics. How do we bring this contribution to redesign how we think about safety and save […]


Workshop: Scenario Planning for Three Levels of Strategy Development and Project Management

Some decision problems benefit greatly from the incorporation of scenario thinking into the framing of the opportunity. In this unique scenario workshop, three applications will be explored: Scenario thinking for business strategy Scenario thinking for new venture stakeholder management Scenario thinking for development of de-risking plans The goal is to use scenario thinking to change […]