John Mark Agosta

Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft

John Mark Agosta is Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft, where he manages a small, diverse team of Ph.Ds. “Data Science” is a broadly encompassing term, and John focuses on modelling, specifically the initial formulation stages.┬áIn his career, John has conceived of and built a large number of models, often starting with a group of stakeholders and reducing their issues to a computable model, then guiding the team to deliver it.

John’s field is probabilistic graphical models, going back to “classical” AI, using Bayes networks, and touching on the current developments in causal reasoning. Many of his projects are collaborations with university research faculty, as joint work on an applied problems. John holds a PhD in Decision Analysis from Stanford University.

My Sessions

Hi-Tech Panel: AI for automating decisions at scale

Decisions at scale form their own class of decisions. This is about a single entity making large-scale decisions that are repeated. This panel will inquire into the challenges and opportunities for using AI in this space. Panel Chair: Cassie Kozyrkov