Rick Giarrusso

Rick Giarrusso has been a founder, investor, or senior executive for ground-breaking companies, with a passion for creating market-changing products in traditional industries. He has been fortunate to help create several new global trends, including the new space revolution (direct precursor to SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and many others), modern predictive analytics, and now insurtech (leveraging emerging market trends and technologies such as blockchain). He especially loves linking together people from diverse backgrounds–across industries, or around the world. He finds it leads to the most creative and exciting new ideas, and keeps me learning.

Rick’s doctoral work in engineering at Stanford focused on decision-making in situations with high levels of risk and uncertainty, including understanding and overcoming innate psychological and behavioral biases, with additional concentrations in innovation, finance, behavioral science, and artificial intelligence.

My Sessions

Data Science+Decision Analysis in Financial Innovation

Mount Elbert

Financial products and services are how we allocate resources in society. Decision Analysis and Data Science can play a critical role in the innovation of new financial products and services. This session will highlight financial innovation using DA and Data Science.  Panel chair: Sheldon Bernard, Head of Decision Analysis at Procter & Gamble